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Sarah Johnson

“Well let me tell you something. I’m here putting my ass on the line for you, so in future let me know what the hell’s going on. All right?”

Sarah Rose Johnson - Deacon of St. Joseph's Catholic Church


Motto: There is a God


Age: Appears to be in her fifties, but has a secret about her age (birthday September 28 - Libra)


Background: Born in New Jersey. Parents Benjamin and Clara Johnson. Was married and had three children but her husband and children were murdered. Became a priest to help eradicate evil in the world, human and demonic, after her encounter with a dangerous, otherworldly serial killer. She is a straight forward, tough talking woman who has experienced many unbelievable things over the years


Hair color: Black, curly


Eye color: dark brown


Skin color: Brown


Height: 5ft, 6 inches


Build: Fit for her age. Keeps in shape


Distinguishing features: She has a mark on her throat that was given to her a long time ago


Health: In good physical health. Has a regimen that she must adhere to, to remain in good health


Hobbies: As servant of God she doesn't have a lot of time for hobbies. Research is her thing. She is constantly learning more about the creatures beyond the boundary or earth, both good and evil. 


Relationships: A new relationship is in the foreseeable future for her


Beliefs: There is a universal higher power that each religion worships and is one and the same


Abilities: Is proficient with a crossbow. Has acquired certain skills necessary to combat otherworldly creatures. Was trained by a well-known organization that deals in the supernatural

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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