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“Perhaps it is time to initiate another mortal into our immortal family. Whoever is chosen will be eager to prove himself and will do anything to gain my approval.”

Jacques - Four hundred year old Master vampire


Motto: Humans are like animals in a stockyard waiting to be slaughtered


Age: Appears to be in his thirties because of his immortality (immortals age slowly because of their blood consumption)


Background: Born in France in 1576. Was turned at the age of 21 and went on a killing spree throughout Europe and England as a new born vampire. Murdered his family, all except a brother. His bloodlust controls him and he has no qualms about killing humans to sustain his existence

Hair color: Jet black


Eye color: Black


Skin color: Pale, clear, perfect, diaphanous


Height: 6ft, 3 inches


Build: Athletic, agile, strong


Distinguishing features: Fangs (chooses not to hide what he is); closely cropped goatee beard


Health: Living dead, but other than that in perfect physical health


Hobbies: Toying with and torturing people, drinking blood, devising schemes to manipulate humans and vampires alike into doing his bidding. Is fluent in several languages – French, Italian, Spanish, German, Austrian and Russian. Can play classical piano/organ. Patron of the arts. Has known several prominant composters and artist in his time


Relationships: Doesn't believe in or trust anyone so he hasn't formed an alliance with an immortal female. Has a bodyguard who has been with him for a couple of hundred years but still doesn't confide in him


Beliefs: Vampires are meant to rule over humans. There is no evidence of one God


Abilities: Uses his immortal abilities to control people, can erase their memories

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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