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“It is not without risk, Lycan and vampire blood are incompatible. If he were to survive he would be different.”

Nathaniel Jonathan Williams - Immortal bodyguard for Jacques

Motto: Humanity is oblivious to the dark forces influencing their lives

Age: 300 or so, give or take a century

Background: Born in Oxford in 1556, during the reign of Queen Mary I. Was a farmer’s son and had three brothers, Bartholomew, Edward and Samuel. Parents, Martha and John Williams. Was initiated into the vampire world by Jacques in 1816 and has been in his employ ever since. He is loyal but doesn’t always agree with his master’s methods

Hair color: Black dreadlocks

Eye color: Black

Skin color: pale brown (he is a vampire, after all)

Height: 6ft, 5inches

Build: Huge, broad and muscular. Has pecks the size of a gridiron quarterback’s leg

Distinguishing features: Wears a diamond stud in his left ear. Has a small scar under his right eye which occurred when his brother, Samuel, tossed a rock, not knowing he was behind him, and it hit him in the face

Health: Living dead, but apart from that in extreme physical health

Hobbies: Being a bodyguard for Jacques doesn’t leave any time for other tasks. He is on call 24/7. Can speak fluent French, Spanish and German. Enjoys listening to the classic composers when he can

Relationships: He has never had a serious relationship with a woman because of who he is and the immortal females that Jacques allows into their entourage are unpalatable. His relationship with Jacques is the closest one he has and even it is not amicable – master and servant. He misses his family, although he knows they have been gone a long time

Beliefs: He is philosophical about the existence of all creation. Has respect for those who have faith in a higher power

Abilities: Can fly, is telepathic and can read people’s thoughts

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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