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Wolf Blood Cover New.jpg


A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller


An isolated town, a near death escape, and a man she should stay away from…

When psychologist Paige O’Connell learns of her uncle’s untimely death, and discovers she’s his sole beneficiary, she moves back to the rural country township of Moon Grove where she was born to begin a new phase in her life. But it’s not the new beginning she is hoping for. The picturesque town is rife with sinister secrets and the unwelcoming residents want no part of her.

Soon after settling in, a series of bizarre events puts Paige’s life in jeopardy and when the police are called in she is drawn to tall, dark and handsome Eli Blackwood, the local Sheriff. The attraction between them is undeniable, but what she doesn’t know is he possesses dark secrets of his own.

Secrets can come at a costly price. Will Paige follow her instincts and keep her distance or will temptation pull her into the nightmare world she’s stepped into and seal her fate?

This sample is Digitally Narrated

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Wolf Curse Cover New.jpg


A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller


A deadly threat, a sinister pact, and a blossoming romance with a dangerous man…


Paige O’Connell realizes she needs to toughen up and take control of her life after Sheriff Eli Blackwood, wolf pack Alpha, ends their relationship and tells her to leave town for her own safety. But Paige discovers she has Lycan blood pulsing through her veins and she isn’t going anywhere.


A chance meeting with charismatic, new editor of the Moon Grove Tribune, Archer Hamilton, on the way home one evening threatens any chance of a likely reunion with Eli. Every time Paige is with Archer she feels drawn to him in ways she cannot comprehend. What she doesn’t know is the editor has come to the town for a reason. Her.


When Paige finds herself the target of an ancient vampire’s bloodlust and she disappears, Eli and Archer must set aside their differences and work together to find her, before it’s too late. The clock is ticking.

Wolf Lover Cover New.jpg

WOLF LOVER - Book Three

A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller


A black magic coven, a peculiar bond, and a warlock that shouldn't be trusted...

Eli Blackwood's grandmother, Clarissa, feels a dark presence on the border of Moon Grove and fears the town is in serious danger. When Clarissa tells Eli about the arrival of the black magic coven, he is unsure how to protect the town and the people he loves with only one member of his pack left. He knows he needs help.

Traveling from Bellehurst after attempting to form some kind of alliance with Matthias, the Alpha of a pack that prefers to remain off the radar, and secure their chance of defeating this new threat, Eli is abducted.

By the time Paige realizes, he has been missing for several hours. Time that could mean the difference between life and death. She and Archer must use every means they have at their disposal to locate him, including Matthias and his pack, but without any clues they are running out of time.


Wolf Bonds Cover New.jpg

WOLF BONDS - Book Four

A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller

An evil adversary, a suspicious visitor, and the return of an old friend with secrets…


With Paige and Eli’s baby due any day, and the rural township at peace once more, it is meant to be the happiest time in their lives. How could anyone suspect the imminent danger about to turn their joy into a nightmare?


When an old friend arrives on their doorstep, Paige is surprised by her sudden reappearance. Stephanie Harris ended their friendship two years before when Eli’s deranged father attacked and almost killed her, even though Paige had been his intended victim. Has Stephanie come back to Moon Grove to mend their relationship or is there something more behind her return?


Vanished from the hospital, while her baby sleeps, Eli is desperate to locate his missing wife. After a search by his pack proves fruitless, CT footage soon reveals Paige has been taken by someone they know. As the clock ticks down, Eli will stop at nothing to find the woman he loves. But will he be too late?

Wolf Haven Cover New.jpg
Moon Grove Box Set.jpg

WOLF HAVEN - Book Five

A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller

A town veiled in secrets, a sinister nemesis, and a battle to the death that leaves devastation in its wake…

An electrifying clash threatens to shatter the serenity of Moon Grove. A malevolent force, once a trusted ally turned adversary, driven by a dark vendetta to obliterate the werewolf population, arrives in the town. Among the targets are Eli Blackwood, the town’s Sheriff and wolf pack Alpha, his wife Paige, his formidable Alpha female, and their infant son, as well as their loyal pack.

The safety of the town teeters on a razor's edge, and Eli, torn between safeguarding his pack and the lives of the townsfolk, grapples with the dire fate that awaits their intertwined worlds. The survival of all supernatural beings within the town hinges on a precarious thread of unity, one he has procured over time.

In a sudden, chilling twist, Eli vanishes, leaving Moon Grove at the mercy of their ruthless foe. As the desperate search for him yields nothing, Paige faces an excruciating decision, one that will shatter her soul. And yet, she has no choice.

The line between life and death will blur, loyalties will be challenged, and sacrifices will be made. The fate of Moon Grove hangs in the balance, and the battle for survival has never been more crucial. The clock is ticking.



The complete series in one box set.

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