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Urban fantasy with fangs and claws!

Reece new.jpg
Prequel to the Urban fantasy series

You know that old saying: What you can't see can't hurt you? Don't believe it!

I'm Reece Daniels a homicide detective with the LAPD. I've always believed we'll get the bad guy. And we usually do. That is until recently. When a young woman's body is found in an alley downtown things take a dramatic turn for the worse. A body in an alley? Nothing unusual about that. Happens regularly in LA. Unfortunately. What is unusual is the way she died.

Me and my partner, Dave Colson, are hunting a gruesome maniac. And without any suspects we're chasing our tails. Our investigation leads us to a well-known hospital and to Doctor Andre Delacroix. He's worked with the victim before. There's something about him I can't put my finger on. But I'll figure it out, eventually. There's more to him than what you see.

I know he has information crucial to the case. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. Will his conscience get the better of him or will he continue to hide what he knows? Can Dave and I track down the killer before it's too late or is he already right under our noses?

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Dark Legacy 6x9 front new.jpg
Dark Legacy
Book One in the Urban fantasy series

How do you tell your best friend you’re a vampire? And how do tell him you think you’re a serial killer? 

Andre Delacroix lives a relatively normal existence. He’s a respected doctor, friend to one of LA’s finest detectives, Reece Daniels, and has the ability to walk in the daylight. And he’s about to ask the woman he loves on a first date. Everything seems perfect…


Until a series of mysterious deaths leads him to believe he’s a vicious killer. Someone is stalking and draining teenagers across the city. Could the bloodlust Andre has kept locked deep inside him finally have broken free, leaving him with no memory of the attacks?


While heading up the investigation, Reece is drawn into a dangerous game of hunter and prey with no idea of what he’s pursuing. And the hunt soon becomes personal when evidence points to his friend. Is Andre the cold-blooded killer Reece has been chasing?

Once Bitten cover small.jpg
Once Bitten
Book Two in the Urban fantasy series

When several teens are snatched off the streets of LA without a trace, something in Reece’s gut tells him these are no ordinary abductions.

The PI has been monitoring the intensified werewolf activity in the city, and he has a bad feeling it’s linked to the disappearances. If his instincts are correct, time is running out for the missing teens. The next full moon is only days away.

After weeks without any leads on the kidnappings, Detective Charlotte Delaney enlists Reece’s help. Charlotte is unaware of his extracurricular, paranormal activities and he wants to keep it that way until there’s no other choice. But could he be putting her in danger?


When someone close to them disappears, Reece has to make the choice whether to let her into his nightmare world or not. Will he?

Soul Chaser.jpg
Soul Chaser
Book Three in the Urban fantasy series

Bodies of young men are turning up all over Sin City. It’s the way they died that can’t be explained.

When Charlotte is kidnapped, Reece and his team are sent on a scavenger hunt across Las Vegas in search of her location. But are they already too late? The unidentified body of a Jane Doe lying in the County Coroner's Office could be her.
Sheriff Lozano enlists Reece's help when a series of unusual deaths forces him to admit his department is out of its depth. He's heard rumors about the PI and wants to find out if they're true. Joining forces could be their only option to solving the mystery of the deaths and what happened to Charlotte.

As the two cases collide, Reece ventures into the subterranean world beneath the city alone. What has he discovered that he's not sharing? And what ancient evil is he hunting?

Evil Nature cover small.jpg
Evil Nature
Book Four in the Urban fantasy series

The exciting conclusion to SOUL CHASER…

Enemies make strange bedfellows… especially the dead kind. And you know you should never trust a vampire.

When Jacques appears at the PI’s door, Reece cannot believe his eyes. They watched him burn in the sun, so how is he standing in the doorway of Double D Investigations offering to help resurrect Andre from the realm of the dead?

Reece wants his best friend back, and if getting into bed with Jacques, so to speak, will make that happen he’s prepared to go against his gut instinct and do whatever it takes. Bad decision? Definitely. Does he have a choice? No.

The vampire wants something in return. Something Reece and his team haven’t been able to pull off so far. Something the PI isn’t sure they can deliver. Jacques knows what he’s asking could get the private eye killed. Is that his intention?

Most Deadly New.jpg
Dark Legacy Series Book Five - Bonus Book
Book Five in the Urban fantasy series


The bonus book for this series...

Reece Daniels and his team have always been able to overcome any life-threatening paranormal situation. Up until now…

Puddles of bloody slime are being found across the city and Reece’s team are doing all they can to track down the creatures responsible. Reptiles can produce one hundred babies at a time. Are there that many creatures lurking in the shadows of Los Angeles preying on the innocent?

The situation becomes even more dire when Andre’s brother, Jacques, arrives on the scene after disappearing several years ago, and Reece is convinced he has something to do with the new spate of murders in their city. But chasing reptilian creatures isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. Now, a rogue vampire is on the loose feeding its bloodlust.

A coincidence? The P.I. doesn’t think so. With Jacques being back in town, and the victims having no wounds on their bodies, it could very well be his handiwork. Time is running out for the Paranormal Private Investigator and his team. If they don’t find the reptiles and the vampire ASAP more people will die, including some of their own.

If you love The Dresden Files or Anita Blake this is the series for you.

Complete series box set new 2.jpg

Box Set: Dark Legacy Complete Series

ALL THE SERIES BOOKS IN ONE BOX SET - including a bonus copy of the Prequel

Take a thrilling journey into LA's dark vampire underworld.

Travel the globe in search of monsters.

Join Reece Daniels' team as he and his cohorts fight to rid their city of creatures that hide in the shadows and prey on humans.

Become part of the story in this page-turning, edge-of-your-seat, white knuckle ride!

DL Om Preq Bk 1-2 Fleur De Lis.jpg

Dark Legacy Omnibus: Prequel/Books 1-2

Detective Reece Daniels is hunting a killer... but it's not the kind he's expecting.

Reece's best friend, doctor Andre Delacroix hides a dangerous secret. One that could get them both killed.

Reece Daniels is assisting Detective Charlotte Delaney with a spate of teen abductions and his gut warns him something is coming they may not be able to stop.

If you love crime thrillers with a supernatural twist in a similar vein to the Dresden Files and Samantha Moon you'll love this series!

DL Om Bk 3-5.jpg

Dark Legacy Omnibus: Books 3-5

Reece is chasing a deadly ancient evil in Las Vegas. One people believe is a myth, but one that is very real and about to transform the City of Sin into a vampire playground.

Reece Daniels and his team will stop at nothing to win the battle against the infamous and evil Dracula. But it will come at a deadly cost.

On the hunt for a killer that turns its victims into pools of bloody slime, Reece and his team have always been able to overcome any life-threatening paranormal situation... until now.

If you love a crime thriller with a supernatural twist in a similar vein to the Dresden Files and Samantha Moon you'll love this series!

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