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Adrian De Vries

“Maybe, rather than tell him, it would be more appropriate to show him. He is a detective, after all, and they do believe in getting to the facts.”

Adrian Miles De Vries – Immortal mentor to Andre

Motto: What people don’t know will hurt them

Age: over 500 but appears to be in his early sixties

Background: Born in Cambridge in 1326, during the reign of Edward II. Was the son of a teacher and had one sister, Olivia. His mother was a seamstress who worked in the King’s court. Parents Milton and Prudence De Vries

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Pale blue

Skin color: Caucasian (pale but has a pink tinge after feeding)

Height: 6ft, 1inches

Build: Fit

Distinguishing features: Wears his hair in a ponytail. His pale eyes.  Wears spectacles for appearances sake (has nocturnal vision)

Health: Living dead, but of course, apart from that in excellent physical health

Hobbies: Not that it’s a hobby but a profession, he writes supernatural crime novels and is very well known. Listens to the masters of classical music. Can play piano. Enjoys reading Shakespeare, Plato, Nietzsche, and some modern authors. Speaks several languages: French, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese and Greek

Relationships: He was once married to his only love, Arabella, but she succumbed to the plague when it ravaged England

Beliefs: He believes there is a universal power

Abilities: Can read people’s thoughts. Can also read in the dark

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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