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REECE: Prequel

REECE'S 1966 Midnight Blue Mustang Convertible

Reece loves his Mustang and has had her for seven years at this point in time. He bought the car when he turned 21 and would never part with it. I added the car because I love it too and it is a place in the story.


Reece Daniels and Dave Colson work together here in the Homicide division. Neither one has been interested in moving up the department ladder. Their main concern is catching the bad guy and getting them off the streets of their city.


A young woman's body is discovered in an alley Downtown. Nothing unusual about that. Happens off and on. It was the way she died that has Reece and Dave baffled. Coroner Jim Peters' findings leave them with no suspects. Can they find her killer?

ABANDONED LA ZOO - Griffith Park

Evidence turns up in the old LA Zoo and Reece and Dave go back later to investigate further. The place has a definite creep factor to it and when the pair get there they wonder if they've made the right decision going out there alone at night. What's waiting for them out there?

THE LIBRARY BAR - 6th Street, Los Angeles

Reece sets up a meeting here with Doctor Andre Delacroix. What does the doctor want to tell him? This gastropub is where their friendship begins. How?

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