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LOS ANGELES - The City of Angels... The City of Fallen Angels

It's a haven for undead activity after dark so beware! Underground nightclubs and other venues are a hive for vampires, werewolves and otherworldly creatures craving blood. Don't venture into them unless you want to come face to face with something undead or supernatural.

LOCKED GATES - St. Gabriel's stands in an unused industrial estate

A group is holed up here hiding from the police. Who are they? And what lurks in the underground catacombs beneath the church? Reece and his team is lured to this place. Why?

DECADENT DESIRE - Night club owned by Jacques

Teens are being lured away from their other weekend venues and are coming here. Why? Are the murdered victims patrons of Decadent Desire? Did they realize what they were getting themselves into when they accepted the invitation?

INSIDE ST GABRIEL'S - Abandoned church

Boarded windows and scaffolding outside. What happens inside this dilapidated church that causes Andre to question himself and what he believes? Is this where the teens were murdered? Or is something more sinister taking place here?

UNDERGROUND STEPS - To what lies beneath St. Gabriel's

When Reece and his team venture into the caverns beneath the church he is unaware of what lurks in the shadows beneath it. While checking closed doors along the passage he encounters something that almost kills him. What is it?

GYPSY WAGON - 16th Century England

This wagon is related to Andre Delacroix's past. What part did it play in who he became and how?


Andre bought his loft three years after the warehouse refurbishment and it is his sanctuary until a major battle takes place here.

FALCON LAIR - Home of Adrian De Vries

Once home to silent movie star Rudolf Valentino, Falcon Lair was purchased by paranormal author and Andre's mentor, Adrian De Vries. It plays a crucial role in Dark Legacy, Book One.

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