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OLD STATE PRISON - Reece and his team use it as a containment facility

Reece gets access to the unused prison that was a maximum security prison in its day. This becomes a battle ground against the Alpha and his werewolves.

DARK STRETCH OF ROAD - a car that vanishes

After Charlotte is lured out to a lonely bus station in the middle of nowhere to get information, she and Reece pursue a black sedan that disappears into the dark.

TEENS ARE SNATCHED OFF THE STREET - to be recruited into what?

Melinda is one of the teens taken. When she learns the truth she is horrified. Does she find a way to escape?

OLD FARMHOUSE BARN - a place of torture and torment

The kidnapped teens undergo a transformation inside this barn and become part of the Alpha's army.

THE DARK WOODS - surrounding the old farmhouse

Reece and his team wait for the occupants of the old farm house to go to sleep before entering.

AN OLD FARM HOUSE - where the teens are recruited

Reece's team surrounds the house ready to storm the place and capture the kids but something goes horribly wrong.


When Reece and his team go in search of the Chief of Police they end up in an unexpected dangerous confrontation down here.

REECE and ANDRE'S OFFICE - Double D Investigations (2nd floor)

After discovering the supernatural world, Reece and Andre set up Double D Investigations (Daniels and Delacroix). They now work as Paranormal Private Eyes.

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