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SIN CITY - Las Vegas strip

A romantic getaway for Reece and Charlotte goes horribly wrong when Charlotte is kidnapped from the airport. Who took her and why? The clock is ticking, and as Reece and his team work around the clock to find her a series of horrific murders take place. Sheriff Lozano enlists the PI's help in trying to locate the killer before more young men are murdered. The deaths are unorthodox, to say the least.

BODIES ARE TURNING UP EVERYWHERE - the cause of death is very unorthodox

When Reece sees the condition of one of the bodies he can't refuse to help Sheriff Lozano. Are the deaths somehow linked to Charlotte's disappearance? Could the two cases be connected by a common denominator?

AN ABANDONED MOTEL IN THE NEVADA DESERT - someone is taken and brought out here

A boarded up motel in the middle of nowhere. Someone on Reece's team is drugged, dumped in a trunk and driven out here. What is the motive behind the abduction? And who is the victim?

SUBTERRANEAN TUNNELS BENEATH SIN CITY - an ancient evil lies in wait

Reece discovers who is behind the murders and Charlotte's abduction and goes deep underground in search of the perpetrator. There is far more to the tunnels than he first realizes and finds himself in serious danger. Will he make it out alive?


The unidentified body of a woman is brought here only days after Charlotte's disappearance. Could it be her? Are Reece and his team searching for her and it's already too late? Had the Gypsy foreseen his fiancee's death?

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