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Reece Daniels

“If I didn’t know better, I’d probably consider vampires at this stage―bodies drained of blood―it’s becoming a fricken epidemic.”

Reece Michael Daniels – Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department – Homicide Division


Motto: If I can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and hear it then it’s real


Age: 37 (birthday April 10 - Aries)


Background: Born in Los Angeles and lived there all of his life. His mother’s name is Mary Josephine Daniels, father’s name, Patrick Michael Daniels. No brothers or sisters


Hair color: Sandy blonde, collar-length, wavy


Eye color: Green/grey – can be intense at times


Skin color: Caucasian


Height: 6ft, 1 inch


Build: Athletic/fit


Distinguishing features: earring in left ear, scar on right forearm where he was stabbed by an assailant years ago


Health: In good physical condition. Had testicular cancer a few years ago and had to have one removed. Got the all clear. Sometimes it bothers him, but he’s glad to be alive


Hobbies: Can play guitar, but hasn’t in a long time; likes to read a variety of books when he has time, but hasn’t in quite a while; can cook, but buys take out most of the time – he hates cooking for one. Work takes up most of his time


Relationships: Best friends with Andre Delacroix, and his partner, Dave Colson. Doesn’t have a romantic relationship – would like one, but thinks they’re too difficult, had a brief encounter with Rachel O’Grady, the forensic pathologist helping Jim Peters with the case, they no longer speak to each other


Beliefs: Has a belief in God, believes that the bible is the word of God. Has no idea about the supernatural (except from novels he’s read) – believes that everything that happens is the work of humans, especially with what he’s seen working on the force. Doesn’t believe in one night stands – he feels that a good relationship is important to a sexual relationship (although he ends up breaking his own rule)


Abilities: Expert marksman (shooter) his weapon of choice – a Glock 9mm pistol; has a pilot license




©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia



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