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Andre Delacroix

“You’re crazy.” Andre jumped to his feet. “There’s no way I will ever help you do that. I would rather die first!”

Andre Jerome Delacroix – Doctor – Cedars Sinai Medical Center, LA


Motto: Your worst imaginings and fears are real!


Age: Appears to be around 36 (birthday September 5 - Virgo - is over four hundred years old: immortals age slowly because of their blood consumption) is an immortal being – a Vampire


Background: Born in Bordeaux, France in 1576, moved with his family to Cambridge, England in 1595, at age 19. Had a mother, Veronique, a father, Gerrard, and a younger sister, Angelique who were murdered by…you’ll find out when you read the story. Andre has adapted to modern living, and no longer speaks with a French accent, has American accent. Knew William Shakespeare, personally – had attended some of his plays at the Globe Theatre in London. Dislikes being a predator – did not want the dark gift


Hair color: Blue/Black, shoulder-length, straight


Eye color: Black (when a vampire – pale blue)


Skin color: Pale, clear, perfect, almost diaphanous


Height: 6ft, 3 inches


Build: Athletic


Distinguishing features: Fangs! (when in vampire persona); earring in left ear; closely cropped goatee


Health: Living dead, but other than that – good physical condition


Hobbies: Is a patron of the arts. Can play classical piano; loves to read Shakespeare and other great authors; also loves poetry; is fluent in several languages – French, Italian, Spanish, German, Austrian, Russian; enjoys the theatre; wine – his favourite is a good, well-bodied Merlot


Relationships: His mentor, Adrian De Vries (also an immortal, and the one who taught him the right ways not the dark ways); his best friend, Reece Daniels (ten years); his colleague and fellow medico, Dennis Miller; later, he begins a romantic relationship with Beth Evans, a nurse at the hospital (they have secretly liked each other for a long time)


Beliefs: There is a God, and also a Devil. Knows that there is an invisible war taking place on earth that no one, except immortals, knows about – a war between supernatural beings – good ones against dark ones trying to exterminate the human race with their influences, and slowly succeeding. There are a lot of good people in the world


Abilities: Walks in the daylight. Can hover. Can’t change into any creature other than a vampire. Can read people’s and other immortal’s thoughts. Can eat if chooses to, for appearances sake, but doesn’t enjoy it; has premonition dreams in the form of nightmares



©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia


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