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Josh Jamieson

“What happened should never have happened. You know there’ll be serious consequences if we don’t step in now.”

Joshua (Josh) Michael Jamieson – Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department – Missing Person Division

​Motto: I believe in myself

Age: 35 (birthday November 15 - Scorpio)

Background: Born in Portland, Oregon to parents Michael and Sharon Jamieson. He has no siblings and never wanted any. He enjoyed being an only child. Moved to Los Angeles after landing the job he has now in missing persons. When he was young he wanted to be a Lawyer because his dad is one but changed his mind after going off to college


​Hair color: Dark brown, wavy, short

Eye color: Hazel

Skin color: Caucasian

​Height: 6ft

Build: Slim, muscular. Keeps in shape

Distinguishing features: Has a mole shaped like a heart on his chest. Also has a small tattoo on his left upper arm of a silver dollar

​Health: In good physical health

Hobbies: Plays guitar to amuse himself. Can sing. Reads for research purposes, doesn’t believe in wasting his time on novels. Enjoys overseas travel when on vacation. Can speak fluent Spanish and Italian

Relationships: He believes relationships tie you down. He prefers to hire his women for a good time and say goodbye. Doesn’t have a close friendship. Has a small circle of friends that he sees once every month or so

​Beliefs: Doesn’t believe in God

​Abilities: He has a knack for getting other people into trouble. He’s an excellent marksman and carries a Glock 9mm​

NB: The picture of actor Matt Bomer is for characterization purposes only. He is not involved with the series in any way. All rights reserved for the photograper.

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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