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Ned Bowers

Ned Bowers smiled as
he drove along Santa Monica Boulevard. Something he didn’t do often. He knew tonight would be the turning point in his miserable existence as District Attorney.

Ned Ryan Bowers – District Attorney with the Los Angeles Police Department

​Motto: Be superior to everyone else

​Age: 40s (birthday December 12 - Sagittarius) Doesn't tell his age to anyone

​Background: Born in Los Angeles, California to unknown parents. He has no siblings that he is aware of and was raised in foster care. He never wanted to know who is parents were because if they gave him up they were not worth his time. Does not tolerate people he believes is inferior to himself


​Hair color: Dark brown, short, receding

​Eye color: Hazel

​Skin color: Caucasian

​Height: 5ft 5inches

Build: Short, well built

Distinguishing features: His bad attitude

​Health: In good physical health

​Hobbies: Listens to emotive classical music. Reads for research. Likes to jog

Relationships: Doesn’t have close friendships. People tend to be emotional vampires as far as he is concerned

Beliefs: Doesn’t believe in God (he has his reasons)

​Abilities: He has a knack for needling people

©2019 M. A. Anderson

Bella Luna Books

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