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Ed Borenko

“One drama at a time. After we get you fixed up, we’ll work out what to do next. Reece is a big boy he can take care of himself.”

Edward (Ed) James Borenko - lieutenant for Homicide Division of the LAPD


Motto: People do the damnedest things


Age: 56 (birthday November 13 - Scorpio)


Background: Born in Los Angeles to parents Ted (Edward) and Molly Borenko. Has one brother, Lionel. Is a widower with no children. He bacame a cop to help people. These days, he thinks the police force could do with a shake up


Hair color: Gray, thinning


Eye color: Green


Skin color: Caucasian


Height: 5ft, 8 inches


Build: Somewhat overweight


Distinguishing features: Has a 'Mum' tattoo on his left upper arm close to his heart. His stare when he's annoyed about something


Health: In reasonable physical health for a man of his age, although he could lose a few pounds. He doesn't smoke, but does have the occasional drink. Takes the edge off the job


Hobbies: Likes watching documentaries when he has the time. His favorites are about the universe and what's out there in the black beyond

Relationships: A new relationship is in his foreseeable future


Beliefs: He used to believe in God, but with the things he's seen on the job it's made him wonder


Abilities: None that he's aware of

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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