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Charlotte Delaney

“Right. Vampires. Why not?” She shook her head. “Reece is human, isn’t he?”

Charlotte Marie Delaney – Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department – Missing Person Division

​Motto: There is good in the world despite what goes on

Age: 33 (birthday December 18 - Sagittarius)

Background: Born in LA to parents Cameron and Camilla Delaney. She has no siblings but would have liked to have had a sister. She grew up knowing she would become a cop one day. It runs in the family. Her dad is still one and is close to retirement

Hair color: Brunette, wavy, shoulder length

Eye color: Hazel

​Skin color: Caucasian

Height: 5ft, 10 inches

​Build: Slim. Keeps in shape

Distinguishing features: She has an attractive smile, warm and friendly. People say she looks younger than her thirty three years. She has very few wrinkles, no crow’s feet

​Health: In good physical health. She eats healthy and exercises

Hobbies: She loves playing board games with her 10 year old son, Tommy. She also loves to read when she has the time and her book of choice is a good mystery. She likes to cook and is good at it

Relationships: Is interested in Reece. They’ve worked together over the years and she has grown to like him, a lot. She’s thought about asking him out but thinks it would be more traditional if he asked her

Beliefs: She has a belief in God, or whatever is out there

Abilities: She's good at her job of finding missing people and loves what she does. She is a good markswoman too and she likes to use a Ruger LC9

©2016 M. A. Anderson

Brisbane, Australia

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