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Working on Dark Legacy Series Bonus Book

Excerpt from Bonus Book

Reece and his team raced up the concrete stairs and burst through the gray metal door onto the rooftop. He knew he should’ve trusted his gut when he realized the place was too quiet. It had to have been a trap. Once everyone was on the roof, he turned around and said, “Let’s get to the ground fast.”

The group thrust themselves across the top of the building, but before they could reach the ladder leading to the grated metal stairs seven figures appeared in front of them, blocking their path to escape.

“Spread out!” Reece shouted. “Lock and load.”

His team pulled their weapons.

Avalynn stepped up beside him. “Let me.” She raised her hands, the crackling blue-purple electrical current emanating from her fingertips, and hurled a bolt of magic at the figures.

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Reviews for Dark Legacy Series

Different and wild… it will keep you guessing until the very last page. This is definitely one you don't want to pass on! Readers' Favorite


Nice to see an Australian author make good. Dark Legacy is on my "When does the movie come out?" list. Amazon Review

You know when you've picked up a book and it's going to have you hooked from the beginning. You read the first few pages and find you just can't put it down. This is one of those books. Amazon Review

If you're into dark urban fantasy, tortured heroes, romance, action and adventure, this is the book for you. I enjoyed this first book in the series and I'll be reading the rest. Amazon Review

Reviews for Wolf Blood Series


Small towns are warm, safe, and welcoming, aren't they? Paige feels moving to Moon Grove will be a new start. She doesn't expect her life to be turned upside down by strange happenings and menacing people. Turning to the sheriff will surely help her, but will it lead to more danger? I loved the well-written story and well-defined characters.  Author Marianne Spitzer


The entire town is swimming in secrets and Paige feels like an outsider that is welcomed by very few in her new home. She runs into many more problems while trying to set up her new practice in a town that doesn’t seem to want it. Plenty of action and intrigue. Highly recommended. Susan - Amazon Reviewer

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