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You know that old saying, what you can’t see can’t hurt you? Don’t believe it…

As an LAPD homicide detective, Reece Daniels has seen the worst of humanity. When a young woman's mangled body is discovered in a dumpster in a downtown alley, his gut tells him this case is different. He thinks he’s hunting a human perpetrator but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

With no list of possible suspects, Reece and his partner Dave Colson are chasing their tails, racing against the clock before the killer strikes again. Their investigation leads them to a well-known hospital and to Doctor Andre Delacroix. There's something about him Reece can't put his finger on, but he knows the doctor has crucial information that could crack the case wide open.

If you love a page-turning urban fantasy with plenty of twists and turns, and if you love crime thrillers in a similar vein to the Dresden Files and Samantha Moon you'll love this series!  Follow Reece Daniels as he navigates the dark and dangerous supernatural world of Los Angeles, trying to catch a killer before it’s too late.

What you can't see can hurt you – and in this case, it could be deadly!

REECE: Prequel to the Dark Legacy Series

SKU: 001
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